We at AM Home Sales provide homeowners and investors with a straightforward, hassle-free solution. We have a unique approach to property sales, and to customer service.


Our accelerated purchase system, and our dedicated customer service philosophy enables our transactions to take place more quickly. This significantly reduces the risk of fall-throughs and transactional problems.


We give more of the control to our clients, so we are able to take some of the usual uncertainty out of property transactions. This way, we can maximise the opportunity for our transactions to end with smiles all round.


Buyers and sellers have the opportunity to secure transactions in a way that helps to prevent gazumping and time-wasting, but also means that neither party need feel that they are carrying all the risk.

We have complete confidence in what we do, and we are determined to put our clients at the heart of everything. This is why we believe in holding ourselves accountable by putting our money where our mouth is. Click here to find out more about how and why we do this.

We also love collaborating with other local businesses. If you are a letting agent or a developer and would like to find out more about this, please click here.