About Us

AM Home Sales provides a simple, straightforward and honest service to our clients, without compromising on customer service. Our friendly and professional approach, market knowledge and years of experience and training enable us to work with clients to find the best strategies and solutions to suit their needs.

Based in Warwickshire and Solihull, we also cover the wider West Midlands. We are able to offer our full, comprehensive service throughout in the UK thanks to our wider network.

We understand the importance of well-presented and thoughtful marketing, with clear and simple property descriptions and a sensible pricing strategy.

All our clients have the opportunity to benefit from our ‘accelerated purchase system’ and online auction services. These services make transactions quicker, more secure and less stressful, with a significant reduction in the risk of fall-through. By preparing the searches and legal paperwork up front, delays and surprises are significantly reduced.

We accompany all viewings and provide regular feedback to our vendors.

If the property comes with a tenant, we will also manage that relationship throughout the process. In most cases there is no need to evict in order to sell, and many of our investor clients prefer to have a tenant already in place .

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